The evolutionary history of the goddess

"There seems to be a noise over there. Let's go and have a look." The purple electric figure flashed and went to one side of the forest.

Zhuang Yi walked away with a black face, and the myna chirped over his head and called out to everyone, "Cloud guest, cloud guest." Yangcheng is not small, but it is not big. A young girl with two younger brothers and sisters to live, particularly noticeable, this Yangcheng did not know them, especially after Xie Wan quickly, accurately and ruthlessly solved a few Bobi scoundrels who came to the door. Zhuang boy, "someone who knew him took a look at the myna on his head." Did you go to Yunke again? " Zhuang Yi looked and did not remember who this person was, that is, some look familiar, vaguely called uncle, nodded. The man sighed, Zhuang Yi felt that he cut his own eyes are very strange, but the man did not say, turned away. After a few steps, Zhuang Yi heard the man talking in a low voice with the people around him. It's too hard for Lady Xie to live alone with her younger brother and sister. Her younger sister is fine, and her younger brother is not a person who will love her. The man shook his head as he spoke, apparently remembering what Zhuang Yi had just looked like. Yes, her brother is a loafer, but also spent the hard-earned money earned by his sister at home, running to Yunke every day, Yunke is a common people like us can go? "Poor Lady Xie was dragged down in her prime of life." The man sighed. People gradually away, the voice can no longer be heard, Zhuang Yi suddenly reached out to grab the myna chirp down, mercilessly rubbed two times to vent their anger. What's the idle, what's the drag, is that what he wants? It is clear that she is too broad! Zhuang Yi did not know where this elder sister came from, clearly. There is no. A natural cold and indifferent look, but very capable, they are detained in this Yangcheng can not go out, not idle what can be done,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, a good plan can not even sell the first step. Think of this suffocating day do not know when is the end, Zhuang Yi even myna chirp spirit head is gone. Chuang Yi breathed a sigh of relief, and as soon as he loosened his hand, the myna chirped out, and before he left, he gave him a hard peck on his hand. Zhuang Yi looked down at his bitten palm, the wound was not big, but the bite was very deep, immediately the blood came out, obviously the color bird was under a great effort. Zhuang Yi was in a hurry. "This color bird has no conscience. He offered it good food every day. As a result, he not only sued him but also bit him." Stop right there! As soon as Zhuang Yi rolls up his sleeves, if he doesn't teach this color bird a lesson, it can go to heaven! "Bastard! Bastard!" Myna chirped while flying and shouting, while still hiding from Zhuang Yi's pursuit. I don't know whether I stayed with Elder Martial Sister for a long time or was gifted, but Zhuang Yi couldn't catch it for a while. The teenager ran after a myna in the street, which became a scene in the street for a while, and all the pedestrians looked askance. On the other side, Oil Dropper Bottle ,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, after Zhuang Yi took Choo Choo away, Rong Danqiao watched him leave, then jumped over the wall and landed lightly. In the waterside pavilion, Xie Wan opened her eyes, and her eyes, which were as light as her lips, implied displeasure. The girl stepped on the water, her clothes fluttering, like an immortal, and fell into the waterside pavilion between several ups and downs. Her skirt fell down, and the girl bowed to the people on the beauty's couch, "Elder Martial Sister." “…… What's the matter? It was a long time before a cold voice came from the couch. Chapter 66 so the same door (2). The waterside pavilion is elegantly arranged, the water outside is murmuring, and the breeze is blowing, bringing up the cool air of the ice basin at the four corners. Lying lazily on the couch, the broken hair on the cheek side was blown by the cool breeze, and the drooping eyes were cold. Rong Danqiao, however, had long been accustomed to her appearance. Because of her skills, Elder Martial Sister's feelings were weak. Even though she was ordered by her teacher to take care of them, she was not very close to them. She hung her head and stood not far away, not daring to look up at her. The feelings in her eyes were too complicated to be seen by Elder Martial Sister. It was difficult to explain, even though Elder Martial Sister would probably not ask. Elder Martial Sister, I have accepted the invitation of the head of Weiyuan Escort Agency to take a trip for them. Her hand hanging on the side of her waist moved uneasily. Somehow, Elder Martial Sister had never let them go out of Yangcheng for many years. Whenever they acted like a spoiled child or complained about their anger, a pair of Elder Martial Sister's pale eyes always had a feeling of being seen through, as if their minds were known like the palm of their hand. "Why?" Half a day or a moment, the cold voice sounded, but Rong Danqiao was overjoyed. Holding back her joy, she said calmly, "Elder Martial Sister has worked hard to take care of me and Younger Martial Brother. Younger Martial Sister has grown up and has a small success in martial arts. First, she wants to share her worries. Second, Younger Martial Sister thinks she should go out to experience." She looked up eagerly at Elder Martial Sister on the couch. Her beautiful eyes were full of autumn water. She had used all these excuses, but Elder Martial Sister never cared. This was the first time she had responded to her. In the past, she was either driven away or ignored. Xie Wan only looked at her quietly, her eyes were calm, just like the calm and beautiful Bibo Lake outside Yangcheng. She looked at her quietly for a moment. Just when Rong Danqiao thought she was going to return without success this time, Elder Martial Sister opened her thin lips lightly and turned to Qingling's voice, "Go." "Really?!" Rong Danqiao could hardly believe it, and the questioning words blurted out. But the Elder Martial Sister lay back on the couch and did not say a word. Rong Danqiao could only see the graceful curve of her graceful figure. She knew that this was the sequela of the elder martial sister's breakthrough. After each breakthrough, there was always a period of abnormal fatigue, which was manifested as sleepiness. According to Shifu, what Elder Martial Sister practices is the highest martial art of this school. However, there are no less than two-digit predecessors who have practiced from it, but there are almost no great achievers, and all of them have fallen in the middle. The reason for this is that it is difficult to get started with this method. Once you succeed, the road to practice is smooth. There is only one bottleneck that is the most difficult, but it is death. But all the forerunners fell there. Rong Danqiao did not know if Elder Martial Sister would also fall there, but she subconsciously felt that she would not. This inexplicably appearing Elder Martial Sister has extremely high aptitude. Even in her past and present life, she has never seen anyone higher than her. Compared with her speed of practice, I am afraid she is also the fastest practitioner of the Ruthless Jue in the past. Her mind was chaotic, with the joy of achieving her goal, the excitement of getting revenge just around the corner,30ml Dropper Bottle, and some indescribable emotions, just like her feelings for her elder sister, both resentment and gratitude.


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