After soaring

"There seems to be a noise over there. Let's go and have a look." The purple electric figure flashed and went to one side of the forest.

Without thinking, Fengyun Mowgli opened his right hand, and at his feet, the whirlpool sword that covered the whole sky gathered up in a whirlpool shape. With Fengyun Mowgli's gesture, it turned into a huge cone and shot at the position before the disabled division. The long sword around Fengyun Mawgli was like a rising tide, whistling up, and gathered at a point hundreds of feet above Fengyun Mowgli, and then extended indefinitely. To the depths of Qingming, and Fengyun Mowgli's figure was swallowed up by the spectacular sword tide. Whoa whoa whoa! The sword broke through the air and made a sharp roar. The harsh sound drowned all the sounds between heaven and earth. Billions of swords circled in the sky, and above the whirlpool, huge sword cones pierced the dark depths at a very fast speed. Thunderbolt! In the depths of Qingming, the gloom only existed for a moment, and with the deepest part of the darkness, there was a loud shout, and the silence of that moment was finally broken. The burning flash of light fell upside down from the sky at a speed that was hard to see with the naked eye, holding the whole Fengyun Mowgli. Below, all the people of the free faction were stunned, and their faces changed in the continuous extension of thunder. Everyone can feel the great power contained in the thunder that day. Soon, the mesh thunder collided with the huge eddy current composed of tens of millions of swords, and the powerful current was transmitted rapidly along the sword net. At the moment of contact, a large number of swords were blown into powder by the super destructive power contained in the thunder and lightning, and a large number of iron filings were sprinkled from the air like rain.. Wind and cloud Mowgli left hand pinch a sword formula, in front of the top of the sword cone, the original falling iron filings, then under the control of a nameless force, gathered in the air into a group, drew a circle, fell from the top of the sword cone,magnetic separator machine, the iron filings all over the sky with wind and cloud Mowgli as the center, diffused in all directions, like a thick fog, in the constant flash of lightning. These tiny pieces of iron refract different shades of light. Fengyun Mowgli's face was cold, his left palm relaxed, and he quickly changed several gestures. The iron filings falling on the same level swirled around Fengyun Mowgli like water, and its range was very wide. Ding, ding, ding! Hundreds of millions of long swords trembled, a misty sword gas rose from the body of the sword,gold shaking table, at first along a light layer, the next moment, suddenly rose into the sky, toward the depths of Qingming's remnant division! Boom! The sky turned into a misty blue, and the sharp sword gas that filled the whole sky hit the thousands of currents that flowed down from the sky, making a loud noise, and the majestic current quickly became dim. Wind and cloud Mowgli eyes a cold, at the foot of a hard step, sleeves a spread, portable that countless swords break through the air, toward the depths of the sky to fly away, the sound of the sword is endless, in the dense rain of swords, wind and cloud Mowgli into a vague invisible Yin son, constantly refracting in the rain of swords forward, with the momentum of the sword constantly accelerating.. Boom! The sky suddenly brightened, and the figure of the disabled teacher appeared in the bright light. His eyes were cold. Suddenly, he shouted, "Fengyun Mowgli, sodium cyanide price ,tin beneficiation plant, eat my move!" In the depths of Qingming, thousands of feet away from Fengyun Mowgli, the remnant teacher opened his hands. From his broad black sleeves, a dark halberd suddenly slipped out and fell into his palm. Although the sky was bright and dark, Fengyun Mowgli clearly saw the deep and dark halberd body, smooth and gorgeous runes from the tip to the tail. As soon as the disabled teacher bent his hands, the long halberd turned into a stream of light slanting down from the sky. Where the long halberd passed, the space was broken, and within a hundred feet of the lightning, a trace of smoke rose from the void across which the halberd had crossed. The end of the Qi contained in the halberds was Fengyun Mowgli. A strong sense of crisis surged from the heart, Fengyun Mowgli forward body suddenly a stagnation, then eyes suddenly closed, from its body, a white burning light out of the body, countless long swords along a variety of different tracks, with a very fast speed, around Fengyun Mowgli rotating, and more sword flow, but toward the depths of Qingming stab, Fengyun Moji eyes can not see heaven and earth, There was only the overwhelming shadow of the sword, and there was nothing else in my ears, only the continuous sound of the sword. In this sound of the sword, Fengyun Mowgli sat in the void, silent and motionless. Then, the vast sword gas outside the body formed a shining sword lotus, blooming in the void. The leaves of the swords expanded outward, fluttered away, and scattered into the void. The numbing iron swords were mixed together. The halberd, which burst with black thunder and lightning, crossed thousands of feet in the void, and then the deafening sound came to the ears of the liberals below. At the same time, a shining figure stood up from behind Fengyun Mowgli, who was sitting in the sword lotus. As soon as he stepped on it, he was already empty. In this moment, Fengyun Mowgli's "infinite small world" had already been transported. Boom! When the halberd passed, tens of thousands of long swords burst into pieces, turned into debris, and sprinkled from the air. The sound of squeaking metal friction resounded through the world, making people unable to help covering their ears. A burst of blue flash bright place, hundred Zhang range of the sword all annihilated, together with those burning sword leaves, also all turned into a piece of smoke, dissipated in the air, the thunder and lightning halberd but forward a hundred feet distance, the whole world will fly up dense debris, like dense smoke.. The power of the long halberd, great terror, at the cost of the complete annihilation of countless swords, the speed of the long halberd finally slowed down, the destructive power contained on the halberd also weakened a lot, but Rao is so, the power on the halberd is still very powerful. Finally, from the wind and cloud Mowgli appeared behind the burning white human shape electric shot up, without the slightest flinch, with no less than the speed of the dark deep halberd flying up, a heavy punch in the dark halberd tip, the power of the terrible halberd tip radiates a dazzling blue electric awn! Pop, pop, pop! The burning white figure quickly became dim, and the body was close to collapse,mineral flotation, but the halberd was forcibly blocked down, piercing the burning white figure about three inches, and could not penetrate any more. Hum!.


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