The warm wind is not as affectionate as you.

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After helping Feng Ling deal with the wound, Ji Nuan went to find a black T-shirt that should have been worn by Li Nanheng and put it on her. Li Nanheng came in again after a while and saw that Ji Nuan had already crouched down to deal with the wound on Feng Ling's leg. He raised his eyebrows and gave a low laugh: "Your wound treatment is quite thoughtful. Sure enough, Miss Ji is much more useful than before." Ji Nuan silently rolled his eyes at the disinfectant in his hand, only when Li Nanheng wanted to bandage Feng Ling in person, but failed to get in, so he resented her. Then the door was suddenly knocked, and the depth of the ink field came. Ji Nuan, who had been in a cold war with Mo Jingshen for a long time because of something, suddenly looked at the direction of the door in a twinkling of an eye and was a little surprised: "Who is it?" Li Nanheng glanced at her surprised expression. "Don't think too much. I just went out and talked to Mo Jingshen on the phone. He happened to be nearby. Who do you think is coming now?" Ji Nuan: "..??" "Will you open the door or shall I open it when your man comes?" Li Nanheng now feels that Ji Nuan has brushed too much sense of existence in front of Feng Ling, causing him to have no way to get close. If he doesn't move out the depth of field of ink, it is estimated that this time Feng Ling will follow Ji Nuan directly and won't even say a word to himself. See the man standing there like this, tall and straight figure although in front of the door block, but also can not block the movement from the other side of the door, and he also so a smile not to smile expression. The door rang for a moment,Narrow aisle rack, and Mr. Tangtang Mo was kept out of the door for so long. Ji Nuan in that secretly tangled, Feng Ling looked at them two eyes, suddenly put down the leg that is being medicated, said: "Or I go to open it." Li Nanheng directly glanced at her coldly: "Don't bother." Feng Ling's expression stagnated. Since the last time he tossed about in the hotel, he called his wife one by one,Narrow aisle rack, which made her have butterflies in her stomach. She did not know how many knots she had tied and how many knots she had broken. Those emotions that she could not control made her instinctively want to avoid, but she did not need to avoid them. He never appeared again. Now suddenly here, Feng Ling did not say much, just as if he had not heard, he said to Ji Nuan in a twinkling of an eye: "Mr. Mo must be looking for you. Go to open the door. The injury on my leg is not serious. I'll do it myself." Ji Nuan wiped his hands and got up to open the door. Ji Nuan was busy dealing with Mo Jingshen. Li Nanheng stood in the room and looked at Feng Ling, who was trying to apply the medicine himself. He went over and picked up the anti-inflammatory and hemostatic trauma medicine in front of her. He lowered his body in front of her, bent over, and smeared the ointment evenly on the wounds on her legs that were not serious but not too light. Feng Ling because the man's finger pulp touched his wound with ointment, had just been enduring the pain now do not know why as if some of the heart up, she sat there silently did not move, Pallet rack supplier ,Industrial pallet rack, only looking at his legs. I've been wounded a lot since I was a child. How can I never remember? When the enemy has weapons and you don't have weapons, you should be good at using everything you can to resist, not your own arms and legs. You are flesh and blood. How can you stop those swords and guns? Li Nanheng said like a worry-free elder as he helped her with the medicine. Probably because the man mentioned only how she was going to resist other people's weapons, Feng Ling said in a somewhat astringent voice: "It's easy to say. At that time, there was not even a stone on the ground in the alley that could be used. There were walls on both sides. What could I do to block it?" Li Nanheng looked up, holding the ointment in one hand and putting the other hand on her leg like this: "I have taught you the knack of untying the belt so many times. Those people all have belts on their bodies just now. Won't you pull down their belts and beat them?" Feng Ling: ".." What and what! Which time was it not that he forced her hand to untie his belt? How could she have thought of such a way just now? By this time, Mo Jingshen had already come in, but there was obviously something more important between him and Mrs. Mo. He only took a look at her injury and made sure that she was just a skin injury, which was not serious. He turned directly into the next room. Ji Nuan was about to walk to Feng Ling when Feng Ling said in a twinkling of an eye, "Speaking of it, if Mrs. Mo hadn't helped me today, I wouldn't have been able to escape so smoothly." In fact, she said this to Mr. Mo next door. Originally, their husband and wife had been in a cold war recently, and now Ji Nuan almost had an accident because of her. If they didn't hurry to rescue Ji Nuan, it was estimated that Mr. Mo's eye knife could kill people directly. Ji Nuan now simply avoided all of them and went into the kitchen to find water to drink. Li Nanheng glanced at the direction of the kitchen with an expressionless face, and then looked at Feng Ling lightly: "Really?"? Aren't you going to lose your job as a bodyguard? Do you want to come back to the United States with me, back to the base? Feng Ling: "No." As soon as Li Nanheng's cold eyebrows moved, before he could speak, Ji Nuan, who had a strong sense of existence today, came out of the kitchen and poured water for Feng Ling. He fed her to drink. At the same time, he said: "Yes, no. Feng Ling is fine by my side. What kind of American base is he going back to?"? What good is it to suffer with a group of men? And even if I don't need bodyguards completely, I also need a good sister, don't you think, Feng Ling? Probably the season warm soft and tough character really infected the usual character hard like a stone like Feng Ling, Feng Ling looked at the season warm, slightly raised the corners of the mouth. Seeing Feng Ling's expression of smiling at Ji Nuan, Li Nanheng's heart moved. It seems that Feng Ling and Ji Nuan have been together for a long time, but they have a lot of feelings that they have never had before, such as patience and gentleness. "Does it hurt?" Ji Nuan saw that Feng Ling's ankle was red and swollen, and bent down to touch it. No pain Feng Ling answered with a smile. Mo Jingshen then came out of the next room and watched the two of them perform sisterhood there,radio shuttle racking, and the two men who were completely hanging out looked at each other silently. Not long after, Ji Nuan was led to the kitchen by Mo Jingshen, and the door of the kitchen that separated the lampblack was suddenly closed.


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