Qianqian Evening Star -- Qiao Yu

Xu Weiwan got up slowly and took his handbag. "Thank you," he said. She turned to go to the box, and the man behind her stopped her. "

Xu Weiwan got up slowly and took his handbag. "Thank you," he said. She turned to go to the box, and the man behind her stopped her. "Sister Wan, we haven't seen each other for a long time. Are you still blaming me for your attitude?" "Wen Yejia!" Xu Weiwan turned around in an instant, his eyebrows sank, and he looked at the people in front of him coldly and angrily. Wen Yejia is wearing a white round collar lace white bat sleeve woolen skirt, arms with a coat, half ball head, curved eyebrows apricot eyes, delicate posture, a weak appearance can be bullied. Wen Yejia looked at her and was silent for a moment. "Sister Wan," she said, "I'm going into the box first." She stepped past Xu Weiwan and pushed the door in. After waiting for Wen Yejia to enter the box, Xu Weiwan calmed down half and went to Fang Minghao's side. He looked at him and said, "You knew early that the second woman in Vanity Fair was Wen Yejia." The tone is not questioning, but affirmative. Under Fang Minghao's gold-rimmed glasses, Danfeng's eyes flashed cold light and met Xu Weiwan's questioning eyes. His voice was gentle: "I know, but-" He paused, looked at her slightly changed face, leaned over and whispered to her, "How does it feel to see the person who betrayed you in the past?" Xu Weiwan clenched the handbag in his hand, lifted his eyelids, and calmly looked at Fang Minghao: "Not so good." Fang Minghao laughed and said to her, "I hope so." There was something in his words that made her scalp tingle. Xu Weiwan took a deep breath, pushed open the half-closed box door and went in, followed by Fang Minghao. Nanguo Garden is a palace-style hotel with a European-style design. The large crystal chandelier on the ceiling illuminates the smiling faces on the round table. Most of the people present were crew members, main actors or investors who were not busy with their schedules. When they saw her coming in, they greeted her with a smile on their faces. Miss Xu is here. Sit down quickly. "Miss Xu looks better in person than on TV.." "I haven't seen Miss Xu for a long time. She looks better and better." The man who said this was Chen Xiao, who was sitting against the wall,iron nail machine, and his eyes wandered from Xu Weiwan's face to her beautiful figure, which she had taken off her bread clothes. Xu Weiwan slightly twisted his eyebrows and stretched himself for a moment. With a smile on his face, he could easily cope with this occasion: "Mr. Chen is joking. I haven't seen Mr. Chen for a long time. You are still full of vigor and vitality." Poof-Chen Xiao is full of heroism? With his Mediterranean, beer-bellied look? Everyone's eyes fell on Chen Xiao's slightly stiff face, holding back a smile and not daring to say much. Chen Xiao snorted coldly, did not speak, and reached out to hold Wen Yejia beside him in his arms, up and down his hands. The people present here have already seen a lot of sensual occasions. Don't blame them. They all raise their glasses and talk and laugh without saying much. Talking and laughing, dishes were served on the wine table. Xu Weiwan was not in the mood to eat, only moved one or two chopsticks, holding the goblet, staring at the ripples in the cup, blurred light, can not see the look. Chen Xiao and Wen Yejia whispered, "Go and toast her." Wen Yejia peeked at Xu Weiwan and hesitated: "General Manager Chen, Nail machine supplier ,wire nail machine manufacturers, if she doesn't drink.." Chen Xiao: "That's your business." Wen Yejia had to stand up, picked up his glass, and went to Xu Weiwan: "Sister Wan, I propose a toast to you." Xu Weiwan looked at the smile on Wen Yejia's face, and the memory of that night came to his mind. At that time, Wen Yejia was still her assistant in Xingchen. She brought her a glass of wine. She drank the glass of wine that was drugged. She was sent to the bed of a wealthy businessman by Song Xiao and was almost hidden by the rules. Also left a handle in the hands of Song Xiao. Under the lamplight, she looked at Wen Yejia in front of her. Her mind was confused, as if she had returned to the wine table of that year. She subconsciously pushed Wen Yejia's hand away: "I don't drink.." Knocking over the wine glass in her hand, the sound of broken glass falling to the ground echoed in the box, and the originally lively wine table immediately quieted down. Wen Ye Jiaxing was jealous: "Sister Wan, you.." Chen Xiao opened his mouth at this time: "I asked Ye Jia to propose a toast to Miss Xu. Does Miss Xu not give me face?" Xu Weiwan's mind was pulled back. Looking at Chen Xiao, who was watching a good show, she raised a smile and picked up her glass: "Where is Mr. Chen? I drink.." Only then did Chen Xiao resume his smile, and the atmosphere at the table became lively again. Wen Yejia picked up her wine glass and smiled: "Sister Wan, I respect you." She did not speak, but pulled the corners of her mouth, picked up her glass and prepared to drink, but her arm was held. The next second, the cup full of wine was taken away. "I'll drink for her." She looked back at Qi Xingyi's eyes, which had no temperature, and watched him drink her wine in one gulp. Then she put down the glass, and her eyes swept over the full house as if they were silent: "I'm late. This glass is my penalty." When Chen Xiao saw Qi Xingyi protecting Xu Weiwan, his face did not look good. Now that Qi Xingyi was holding him seven inches in his hand, he did not dare to mess up. It was worth saying in a deep voice, "Ye Jia, come back." Wen Ye Jiaduo glanced at Qi Xingyi, who was protecting Xu Weiwan, but he was so frightened by his sharp eyes that he dared not speak. Because the men and women are all here, there is a new topic on the wine table. Qi Xingyi took off his overcoat and threw it to the waiter standing on one side. He went straight to Xu Weiwan and sat down. Under the cover of a table, he took her hand and whispered, "I'm here." Just two words, let her eyes light up. She took his hand back and gave him a faint smile. He felt the sweat in her palm, lowered his eyes, covered his eyes with coldness, and raised his eyes to look at Fang Minghao, who was sitting on the other side of Xu Weiwan, for a few seconds. Fang Minghao covered his lips with a glass of wine, and his eyes swept over their hands, looking inexplicable. Qi Xingyi frowned. The man's eyes looked sick. The contract has been signed after three rounds of drinking. Xu Weiwan was a little drunk, so he got up and went out of the box and went to the bathroom to sober up and make up. She wrung out her lipstick and smeared it on the mirror. Wen Yejia's face appeared in the mirror. Her hand trembled and she almost broke the lipstick. Xu Weiwan exhaled the foul air, raised his hand to pull the cardboard paper towel, wiped off the excess ripples on his lips, and looked back at Wen Yejia with calm eyes: "Excuse me, you're in the way." Wen Yejia turned sideways and looked at Xu Weiwan, who was about to walk out of the bathroom, and said, "Sister Wan, don't you want to see me so much?" She paused for two seconds and continued to walk out. Wen Yejia's voice continued to ring: "I know you hate me for drugging you,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, but I was forced to do so, but you were frozen, or even reduced to-". 3shardware.com


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