Shen Huang

Made up temporarily, although the momentum is huge, but also has quite a lot of flaws.

Made up temporarily, although the momentum is huge, but also has quite a lot of flaws. Sure enough, the seven real martial arts array, only at the beginning, was overwhelming and powerful for a moment. That all over the sky sword gas, gradually stiff. Day escape week day big array began to rebound, those spirit forbidden runes with how fast the collapse of the speed, then with what kind of speed to repair. Zong Shou slightly, and then casually throw. Throw the nameless sword in your hand out of the roof. Turned over and fell, firmly nailed to the open space in front of the stage! The red light on the sword rippled, attracting the scattered power of the ghost around it. At this time, if you can go down from the sky, you can see the blood of all the people who died in battle around here. They all seemed to be alive and gathered under the roof. After that, I don't care about the situation outside the array. Zong Shou took out another four-grade sword and melted the yuan Yi Soul Sword into it. Instantly, the sword was upgraded to the seventh grade, and entered the top grade level of the instrument, and the mind and spirit were linked. Then again weave a layer of overlapping sword curtain, and the nine white light, intertwined in one place. He could not directly stop the nine Yao from robbing the light, but could only wave a sword, seducing the power of the road to delay. Constantly testing, constantly cracking. When you get something by chance, you will cut it out with a sword and try to cut its root. Unaware of the passage of time, concentrate on,white marble slabs, until three rounds of nine Yao Xuan empty wheel robbery in the past. Between the eyebrows and eyes, there is a trace of joy. Sure enough, there is a certain number of rules of fortune and misfortune between heaven and earth. Misfortune is where good fortune depends, and good fortune is where misfortune lies, without exception. If heaven takes away something, it must also have an equal gift. Although the first plunder of heaven is strong, it is so strong that people despair. But in this constant cracking, constant blocking and testing. His understanding of the rules and regulations of heaven and earth contained in the Jiu Yao Xuan Empty Wheel Plunder is also advancing by leaps and bounds. Just reverse it, is the road-at this time has passed two hours,Granite Slab Supplier, Zong Shou sword, is more and more laborious. It often takes 80% of the force to cut the light of the nine Yao into pieces. But on the contrary, he was reluctant to crack the light of the nine groups and nine Yao. The longer the time, the more Tao he can comprehend. Fortunately, the strength and soul consciousness in this body are still growing, and there is still a lot of room. But also at this time, the sky ahead, suddenly came a loud explosion. The unbreakable spiritual prohibition was finally blasted through a huge hole. A blue figure swam in. The monks outside the array also heard a burst of cheers again. It's Qingming Zhenren! The array is broken! "The big array has been missing, this devil is bound to die!"! Dear Taoist friends, please make persistent efforts! Kong Yao, next to him, stood outside the hall with a silver pike in his hand. The light of Jiu Yao was only aimed at Zong Shou, and it had no effect on her. Only concentrate on locking with the mind, the figure in the distance that broke into the array. I saw the Green Destiny real people into the array, one after another several dodge. Avoiding the move of Tian Dun Zhou Tian Da Zhen, and then, unexpectedly, Agate Slabs Countertops ,pietra gray marble, he did not attack Dengdiaotai. Instead, he chose Kong Rui, the deputy director. A shuttle shadow, directed at the core of the big array! Zong Shou thought at this time, and eventually began to be distracted. Just between the eyes, but full of cynicism. Is it the later period of Lingjing? Not enough to see! As soon as the idea unfolds, in front of the body a cloud Yan throws the knife, immediately flies. It turned into a silver knife light and broke into the sky. The distance of ten thousand feet comes in a flash! When the sharp shuttle shadow fell on the platform, the silver knife light also flew to it. Outside that moment, there was still a lot of noise. Eternal broken shuttle, broken array matchless, really live up to its reputation! "What a Green Destiny!"! That place seems to be the center of this day's escape? "This Kong Rui is in control of the battle array today. He has slaughtered nearly ten thousand people. He can't be allowed to do so!" But Qingming Zhenren himself, at this moment, was frightened to the extreme, and then did not care about the shuttle, body flashing, constantly avoiding. But it was still impossible to avoid, and the silver light only flashed into his eyebrows. A little blood burst, and then the body fell, the soul was broken, and there was no sound. The sound around him was suddenly silent. Then everyone's eyes were once again focused on the wound of the previous big array. I saw two figures, taking advantage of this to make up for the moment before healing, one after another rushed in. Then came the sound of surprise, which resounded through the sky. "Fenghua Zhenren, six hundred years ago, once used the amulet to bully the world!" "It's the Shadow of the Devil!"! That devil, unexpectedly also went in! "Internal and external forces, this time will certainly be able to --" The voice suddenly stopped, only to see two silver lights, rushed out from the roof. Brilliant to dazzling, but also gorgeous to the extreme! In the void, draw two fleeting wonderful arcs, and then suddenly into the distance between the eyebrows of two people! The magic shadow scattered people, even too late to divide the magic shadow is like blood and light, the body fell, the soul dissipated. The whole space was silent again. To the south, there was an angry shout. How insolent! When the words fall, there are countless vines rising from the ground. Chapter 761 the sword of the six gods. "Thirty miles around the big array, only tens of breath kung fu, was those blue rattan and wood rising from the ground, layer upon layer of winding and squeezing.". Although it was from time to time, it was cut and crushed by the counterattack of Tiandun Zhou Tian Da Zhen. But often only a moment, these vines, can be restored as before. The real person in the south, now under the lift of several green vines, came to the front of the big array. Eyes show green light, overlooking the Zongshou on the roof. The voice was cold, with the meaning of anger and sarcasm, and spread through a hundred miles. Do you really think we can't help you? Zong Shou mind, to this person's words, is not care. He frowned slightly and felt huge vines stretching under the ground of the big array. It had started two hours ago, and now it was almost at the core of the formation. It seems to be trying to cut off the earth vein and shake the foundation of the more than three hundred rooftops. Only because Kong Rui has been careful to guard against, did not let it succeed. But this man, it seems, must be the first to punish him! In addition to the manipulation of wood rattan plants,Pietra Gray Marble, more can feel, that trace of the breath of life, is the great rejuvenation!.


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