The Phantom of the Other World

The two dementors took a deep breath, bowed to Liu Ran, and their figures flashed

The two dementors took a deep breath, bowed to Liu Ran, and their figures flashed and disappeared into the sky. They thought there was an unprecedented war, but did not think that one of them was just a name to scare away the two strongest, one by one looking at Liu ran's eyes also some trance. They shook their heads helplessly, and no longer hit the idea of the spirit, there is such a terrible person, even if they are together, it is not enough for people to slay. And just when everyone was disheartened, the abnormal situation of heaven and earth that was constantly breaking out also disappeared completely. Liu ran, who had returned to the top of the mountain again, looked at the sudden disappearance of heaven and earth, and his eyes were somewhat calm. Senior, did Feng Shao get that thing? Day inverse speak more carefully, have seen just a scene of day inverse. I know how terrible the man in front of me is. I do not know Liu ran looked at Tianni differently, and he said. Tian Ni was slightly stunned, and unexpectedly, the man in front of him, who was like a God, did not know. However, at this time he is either a failure or a success, let's wait! Liu ran suddenly said. Heaven should bow, standing there quietly,Silver Travertine Slabs, waiting for the appearance of Yi Feng. The people under the cliff, see heaven and earth disappear, one by one in the eyes of the color of regret, then shook his head began to disperse, even if the power of this spirit, also does not belong to them. Even the two ranks dare not touch their edge at will, they do not feel that they have lived enough. Liu Ran's framing Chapter 711 Yi Feng had completely collapsed on the ground at this time, his back was covered with cold sweat,Calacatta Quartz Slab, and there was little fighting spirit left in his body. Yi Feng breathed heavily, trying to calm the panic in his heart, but immediately he burst out laughing. Laughter resounded throughout the cave, shaking the almost substantial energy of the cave. Yi Feng looked at the front of the devouring beads, although still leisurely devouring energy, but Yi Feng can block the devouring of the devouring beads, the body only a small half of the energy to protect. Yi Feng understood that this was his success in recovering the devouring beads, and used dementors to penetrate his spiritual breath, and the two became homologous. Nature will no longer devour his fighting spirit. Yi Feng running Ling Shenjue began to absorb the aura around, obviously at this time Yi Feng absorbed very easily, devouring beads will not stop, although far less than devouring beads, but it is enough to restore the fighting spirit. Yi Feng did not meditate long to recover, feeling that he had the strength to stand up, Yi Feng can no longer quiet down to practice. He took a deep breath, stood up and walked toward the devouring beads circling in the void. Yi Feng stretched out his white. The palms of Xi He stretched out his hand to reach out to the devouring beads. As soon as Yi Feng touched the devouring beads, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,Slate Wall Panel, he felt a cold but lingering touch. If you just touch the devouring bead, it is no different from looking for death, but at this time Yi Feng can hold it tightly. Yi Feng felt that his palm seemed to have water flowing, but the same cold through the heart. This is also the characteristic of water Yin eating beads. Yi Feng looked at the center of the palm of the halo flow of devouring beads, the joy in his heart is indescribable, he smiled foolishly, took out the soul seal tripod and put the devouring beads in it. As soon as the devouring bead enters the soul seal tripod, the aura that originally came in the direction of the devouring bead stops in an instant. Yi Feng looked at the hands of this light emitting soul seal tripod, the bottom of my heart is also some lucky, if not this thing, take out is also a trouble. Yi Feng put the soul seal tripod into the spirit ring, turned to look at the thick aura in the cave, looking at the demon jade suspended in the void, still devouring energy, he also had a wry smile at the corners of his mouth. I don't know what breed this little thing is. It's so weird. Yi Feng has no choice but to meditate and slowly absorb the aura. With such a strong aura, the energy consumed by Yi Feng is also recovering at a visible speed. Soon his sea of air reached saturation. Yi Feng felt the strong fighting spirit in his body, and the bottom of his heart was also slightly glad that this time he not only recovered the devouring beads, but also advanced to a rank! Yi Feng opened his eyes, the heart did not bite the beads here, these aura is afraid to send out it. It's a pity to be such a holy place of cultivation. But such a thick energy, even if spread out, it will take some time. In at least two years, the speed of practice here is several times faster than other places. Yi Feng saw that the demon jade was still absorbing energy, and he could only wait and look at the cave. Have to admit that the power of nature is magical, in the mountains inside, there is such a continuous cave, I am afraid no one can think of it. Yi Feng eyes shifted to a corner, see that corner actually has numerous bones, Yi Feng Leng Leng. Then also guess what the reason, this place is not the first time he found, these people are afraid to die in the hands of the devouring beads. Yi Feng felt a little lucky that if he hadn't succeeded for the last time, he would have been one of these people. Yi Feng dug a hole in the cave, pushed the bones of these people into it, and simply buried them. No matter who they are, Yi Feng, who has just experienced the scene, admires those who dare to recover the devouring pearls. Although the demon jade is sleeping, but seems to know that Yi Feng is going to leave, actually stopped absorbing Reiki. Yi Feng was already familiar with the magic of the demon jade. He grabbed the demon jade and put it in his arms. He also walked out of the cave. During the whole process, Yi Feng did not receive a trace of disturbance, Yi Feng could not help admiring the old man. Yi Feng returned to the cave in the cliff. When he wanted to go up to the peak, he found that he had a parachute when he just jumped down, but there was no hot air balloon when he went up. Yi Feng could not help but extremely regret not pulling a rope down. Yi Feng can naturally rely on parachutes to the bottom of the valley and then go out, but when Yi Feng thinks of the overwhelming spirit at the bottom of the valley, he feels a headache. Unable to reach the summit, Yi Feng could only pin his hopes on the old man. "Old man!" He shouted to the summit. Yi Feng's voice did not spread far, was blown away by the wind, but Yi Feng is not worried, he believes that change. The old man can hear it. 。 Sure enough, in the second sentence of Yi Feng's call,Marble Granite Price, the old man's figure had already appeared in front of him, grabbed him by the shoulder, and appeared on the peak in a moment.


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