The goddess of the abyss

Not far from the dormitory, the dormitory aunt looked at the teenager with a cold face at the door. Classmate, who are you looking for? "Standing for so long, his face was like killing people, and his aunt was flustered.". Bai Zheng clenched his fists tightly.

Not far from the dormitory, the dormitory aunt looked at the teenager with a cold face at the door. Classmate, who are you looking for? "Standing for so long, his face was like killing people, and his aunt was flustered.". Bai Zheng clenched his fists tightly. He looked at the young girl under the sycamore tree from a distance, but for one day, she could smile so gently and brightly at another person. He had the anger of being fooled by Yu Chen, but the most terrible thing was that he had a grievance that even he could not explain. How could she do this to him so quickly. That kind of sour and swollen pain came suddenly, so that Bai Zheng was at a loss as to what to do, and it was hard to endure. His pupils were staring at them, almost bloodshot, and he realized that he couldn't stay for a moment. Bai Zheng turned around and left. Out of sight, out of mind. It happened that on the whole school radio, the potbellied director, who was still laughably speaking Mandarin with dialect, asked, "Where is Bai Zheng? Did Bai Zheng, a classmate from Class 15, not come to the commendation?" Bai Zheng has no way to vent his anger. I joined a ghost. He looked at everything and felt annoyed. His eyes could not see,Automatic nail machine, but his heart still could not be calm. Bai Zheng strode and ran back to the downstairs of the girls' dormitory. Where is she? Aunt stunned, "who?" "Yu Chen, I ask you where she is." His stiff fist thumped in front of the window, and the window in front of the aunt trembled. He may not know how terrible he is. His eyes are bloodshot, like a fire-breathing dragon. Someone stole all the jewels, and now he's going to find someone desperately. Aunt hurriedly said, "Go,Automatic Nail Making Machine, go with the boy just now." Bai Zheng's nerve was exploded by this sentence: "She is sick and you let her go with people casually." The aunt was so frightened that she was afraid that the boy would break the glass with one punch. She took a few steps back and finally felt a sense of security. It was because she was ill that she was registered to take her to the hospital. She was so ill that she couldn't have stayed at school. She's so sick. I don't know why this sentence made his heart empty. My heart is tingling with pain. In fact, Qiao Hui is right. What's the matter with Guan Yuchen? She was a little silly to be good to people like him. She didn't know anything, but he deliberately vented his anger and tested her bottom line step by step. Until the bright smile in her eyes gradually turned into helplessness and tears. Bai is walking out of the school gate. He buckled up his helmet, and even if a girl who approached such a soft knife was going to be finished, that would be a matter for the future. He admitted that he regretted what he had done to her. Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 17 Like Falling into an Ice Cellar When Bai Zheng arrived at the hospital, he found that he could not find Yu Chen. Registration is not what he wants to check, he first thought of Bai Tiankou, but Bai Zheng frowned, and finally called Xu Xuemin. Uncle Xu, help me find someone in the city hospital. Xu Xuemin was very excited to receive his phone call. He was originally Bai Zheng's private housekeeper, but Bai Zheng was used to being wild outside these years and never allowed Xu Xuemin to ask about his affairs. Not to mention the initiative to call, Xu Xuemin's people gathered in front of him, not to be beaten up. Lady Yi doesn't care how Bai Zheng lives. Bai Tiankou can't control him. Xu Xuemin is just a housekeeper, as Bai Zheng was born to be appointed to take care of Bai Zheng, Nail machine manufacturer ,Coil nail machine, even if Bai Shao wants to go to the sky, Xu Xuemin would like to let someone move a ladder for him. Bai Zheng called him for the first time, and Xu Xuemin was so excited that he could hardly enunciate. Bai Shao, wait a minute, right away. In the process of waiting, Xu Xuemin couldn't help saying, "When will you go back to see Bai Zong and Mrs. Yi? Don't blame me for being talkative. You haven't been home for half a year before." Bai Zheng was annoyed to hear, "Are your people so inefficient that they all eat rice?" In fact, only three minutes passed, but Xu Xuemin knew that his temper exploded. Xu Xuemin said calmly and respectfully, "Don't worry, it will be ready soon." Sure enough, after a while, Xu Xuemin said, "In the respiratory medicine department, next to the building of the inpatient department, you go up to the third floor, 306.". She's on a drip. The next second, Bai Zheng hung up the phone directly and expressed his disgust at contacting Xu Xuemin. Xu Xuemin is not angry at all, but also happy. He couldn't help thinking, Yu Chen, the name sounds like a little girl, and Uncle Xu is happy and melancholy. The sole heir of the Bai family, who no one loves, has finally grown up. And I know something about love. Bai Zheng walked to 306 and saw the sleeping girl at a glance. Her long lashes fell over her lower eyelids and she breathed softly. The back of the white hand pricked the needle, and the light blue blood vessels were faintly visible. And the young man that Bai Zheng had seen before had disappeared. His discomfort and anger had not yet come out, as if he had been poured a handful of cold water for no reason. Bai Zheng is used to wantonly, two steps forward, but do not know why, suddenly remembered Yu Chen in the morning to class 15 speech performance. Lonely and quiet, like a stranger. The dim look made him feel sad every time he remembered it. No matter how stupid the girl is, she will probably be bullied by him. He realized that he didn't just want to see her. He wanted to see her smile more, the kind of smile that could not help but shine. Yeah, he owes it to the little debt collector. Bai Zheng withdrew from her ward and went downstairs. He followed his memory and found Ding Ziyan's ward last night, where a nurse was recording data. Bai Zheng asked her, "Have you seen the glass trophy thrown in the trash can?" The nurse said, "I don't know. You can ask the cleaning lady. Auntie Nuo is there." " What a trouble. Bai Zheng was patient and asked the cleaner's aunt again. The cleaner's aunt mopped the floor and said, "Dump it early. The hospital cleans up the garbage every morning.". I've seen that trophy. It's broken like that. What are you looking for it for? Bai Zheng frowned, "Where did you fall?" "There are garbage trucks coming to the garbage depot behind the hospital, and now the cars should be coming." Bai Zheng turned around and ran. He went over and a garbage truck was about to drive away. He knocked on the driver's window. "Wait, I'm looking for something." The driver waved his hand impatiently, "It's all loaded, not valuables,nail manufacturing machine, so don't want it, so smelly." Do you think I like to dig through the garbage? Bai Zheng was too lazy to explain to him, so he took a pile of money from his wallet and stuffed it into the driver's window to "unload".


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