The bejeweled wife of rebirth

You. Did you suspect it early in the morning? Yan Wan pursed her lips. No, I got the inspiration from you. Yan Yixin smiled and sighed.

You. Did you suspect it early in the morning? Yan Wan pursed her lips. No, I got the inspiration from you. Yan Yixin smiled and sighed. It could be seen that Yan Wan had begun to trust him again. This was a good start. I Yan Wan pointed her finger at the tip of her nose. Yes, you said that Kang Xiuxing was jealous of her sister instead of missing her. Yan Yixin smiled and reminded him. That's just my complaint. Yan Wan blushed. At that time, the reason sounded like a jealous person, slandering his rival in love, so Yan Wan just complained casually, mixed with other words. Unexpectedly, her unintentional mistake was put in Yan Yixin's heart. You're right, and Kang Xiuxing's attack on you again has attracted my attention. "Are you too suspicious?" Yan Wan laughed and finally had a sense of identity with Kang Xiuxing's accusation. It's not paranoia. In general, hardened criminals have their own predilection for murder. Besides, Kang Xiuxing is not a real murderer, although she has a talent for it. Yan Yixin said with a smile. You really don't give people a word. "Yan Wan laughed." Isn't that what you want? Yan Yixin smiled and took her in his arms. I didn't! Yan Wan shook his head, "I just hope to give Lu Xiang an explanation, give myself an explanation.". At least, if you and Kang Xiuxing continue to maintain such a relationship, I don't know what I think in your heart. So, I'm at a loss. "I understand." Yan Yixin kissed her forehead. To bury the hatchet so quickly made him feel at ease. Maybe it's a wise choice to want Yan Wan to explain everything. Yixin,ghana seed extract, I thought you. Yan Wan smiled sheepishly, looked at the empty plate in his hand, thought about it, and handed it back to him, "Well, I'm narrow-minded, I just forget your old love." "Yes,tannic acid astringent, I admit that in my heart, Xiuju was once an irreplaceable one.". But that's the past. I believe that if she knows in heaven. I'll be grateful to have you with me. Yan Yi was moved, "Xiuju is different from Kang Xiuxing. She is a kind girl." "I believe." Yan Wan answered in a low voice. If everyone is as crazy as Kang Xiuxing, the world will become confused. But you are who you are, not a stand-in for anyone. "Mmm." Yan Wan raised his head, Wan Er smiled, "I understand, I will not be a substitute for anyone, everyone has their own characteristics.". Kang Xiuxing wants to be a stand-in for her sister, so she is doomed not to win your heart. 'She. I'll make Grandpa Kang believe it. "I think it's very difficult." Yan Wan stuck out her tongue, "even if it is the truth, as long as there is no conclusive evidence, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,fenugreek saponins, Mr. Kang can not believe it.". Even if he deceives himself, he will feel that his granddaughter is kind. "You're right, so I'm going to find the evidence." "But how can you find evidence after all this time?" Yan Wan didn't believe it. "You can only find evidence that she hurt me. I don't think Mr. Kang will think that his granddaughter has made a big mistake." Yes, so what I'm looking for is her fault for hurting her sister. If Xiuju is still there, Kang's prospects for today and tomorrow will be quite brilliant. In fact, Grandpa Kang has always regarded Xiuju as Kang's heir to cultivate, not only because she is a direct descendant, but also because of her ability. Yan Wan was a little absent-minded. "So excellent?" "Yes." Yan Yixin nodded frankly, "but you are also excellent." "Not as good as her?" "You can't compare the two of you. You're a great designer and she's a great CEO." Yan Yixin stood up. "You go to bed earlier. I'll put the empty dishes into the sink. Of course, you'll do the dishes tomorrow." "No problem." She lifted the quilt to get out of bed, Yan Yixin asked in wonder, "What are you doing up now?"? I'll lock the door for you when I leave. Yan Yan smiled: "I now wholesale a pile of inspiration, draw a sketch to sleep.". ” Chapter 177 Preparation Finally, Yan Wan resumed her usual aura, and the design was in her hands. Once again, Yan Yixin looked at her with her pen: "I thought you were in the dormant period recently. You just finished a large number of diamond rings in the Bixi River. How can you still have so much inspiration?" "Sleep is for another reason." Yan Wan did not lift her head, but her eyes were still glued to her drawings. By the way, the diamond ring will be displayed at the autumn conference, and the Belgian has agreed to this plan. Yan Wan finally raised her head: "Really?"? Tourmaline is the main hit, diamond ring.. "Diamond ring jewelry only uses this one, which will definitely be the highlight of this conference.". Of course, and your head is twelve gold hairpins, our poster, put forward the name, has attracted enough attention. "That's good." Yan Wan was not happy, thought about it, and then bowed his head and drew the lines in his hand. Are you happy? Yan Yixin was a little surprised by her indifferent reaction. Happy ah, after all, is their own design works, can be recognized, of course, is a happy thing, "Yan Wan nodded and answered." Are you happy like this? Yan Yixin looked at her calm face. Yan Wan sketched out the last line, put down the brush, and then supported her jaw with her hand: "I just feel that this is just an affirmation of my previous work achievements.". Ask me, but also hope that the future results can be affirmed. Yan Yixin was speechless. She lowered her eyes and looked at a sketch she had just finished: "What is your design?" "It's not going to be in time for the fall show anyway, so I designed a garnet. This month's design hasn't been handed over to Jarvis yet, so I'm going to design one now." "Oh?" Yan Yixin reached out and took the paper. The lines were very simple. They were the auspicious cloud patterns that Hetian Yuzhong liked to use in ancient China, but they were not exactly the same. I dealt with it here,turmeric extract powder, and the transition of lines is more smooth, and there is a sense of hierarchy. Yan Wan's head came over, and the fragrance of the shampoo opened faintly.


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