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Under his urging, Ye September said in a hurry: "Sui Dong, I don't like him, but I love him." Sui Dong: ".." In order to strengthen his persuasion, Ye Jiuyue also gave a self-affirming "um" and nodded: "That's it." Sui Dong: &quo

Under his urging, Ye September said in a hurry: "Sui Dong, I don't like him, but I love him." Sui Dong: ".." In order to strengthen his persuasion, Ye Jiuyue also gave a self-affirming "um" and nodded: "That's it." Sui Dong: ".." Leaving the fool behind, Shen Weixing took Ye September to a nearby parking space, got into the car, and gave a sneer. Embarrassed, Ye explained: "I'm sorry to involve you.". And thank you for your help. Shen Weixing was too lazy to pay attention to him, so he dropped the words "fasten seat belt" and drove. Ye said hurriedly in September, "Tomorrow morning I-" "I'll bring you here." Shen Weixing said coldly. But "Shut up." Shen Weixing suddenly pulled off his mask and came over to look at Ye September at close range. An extremely handsome dog does not need principles and dignity. Ye shut up in September, and his heart beat faster, pressed against the back of his chair, and his eyes drifted around Shen Weixing's face. Shen Weixing looked at his attitude with satisfaction,drum spill containment, reached out and pulled the seat belt to fasten it for him, and drove the car out. Beauty misleads me! Ye September nestled in the seat and sighed. Chapter 5 Delay time to now, Shen Weixing has long been impatient, into the house closed the door on Ye September on the wall of the porch kiss, while starting to take off his clothes. "Take a bath, take a bath,stackable plastic pallets," Ye said intermittently in September. Shen Weixing continued his bestiality and found time to answer, "Didn't you wash it?" Ye September pushed him hard: "You didn't wash it!" Shen Weixing paused for a moment and said vexatiously, "Do you dislike me?" Ye September was embarrassed to say that he disliked his idol and smiled at him in embarrassment. Laughing fart! Shen Weixing slapped him on the buttocks and said angrily, "I don't think you are dirty yet!" Ye said innocently in September, "I washed it." "You're pulling and pulling with that man!" Shen Weixing looked at him with a black face. "What else did you do?" "I didn't do anything," said Ye in September. "I said before." Shen Weixing said with a black face, "I don't believe you didn't do anything." Ye September blinked: "You said before?"? I used to go to high school with him. So what? What should grow in high school is complete, and what should be done can be done! Shen Weixing was so angry that he was delirious. "So what did you do?" Ye looked at him with subtle eyes for a moment and whispered, "What can you do in high school?" Don't be so yellow. Shen Weixing: "… …" Fuck! Who's yellow?! You can date in high school! How dare you make a counter-charge?! When I was in high school-Oh, I didn't go to high school. When Ye September saw that he did not speak, collapsible pallet box ,euro plastic pallet, he added, "Aren't you twenty-six years old? You said it yourself." Shen Weixing: "… …" It's just a bath! I wash! It's better to take a bath than to be angry to death by Ye September. Shen Weixing loosened Ye September and said ferociously, "I'm going to take a bath. You're not allowed to run away, or I'll go to your school!" Ye Jiuyue hesitated for a moment and asked, "Do you dare?" One second before Shen Weixing's outburst, Ye Jiuyue raised his hand and said, "I was wrong. I won't say anything. You go to wash it. I won't go." Shen Weixing angrily went to take a bath. Shen Weixing took a bath and calmed down. Finally, he went out to see that the bed was empty. Suddenly, he became angry again. He went to the living room to see Ye September sitting on the sofa eating fruit. "Aren't you going to get up early tomorrow?"? Why are you watching TV? Ye Jiuyue handed him the fruit and said naturally, "It's only ten o'clock. I'll sleep later." "Play dumb with me?" Shen Weixing grabbed the fruit and put it back on the tea table. "Did I come to urge you to sleep?"? Come on, go to bed. "Wait a minute," said Ye in September. "After I watch this program, it's almost gone." Shen Weixing bent down to get the remote control. Ye September hurriedly grabbed the remote control and protected it in his arms. Shen Weixing can be angry to death by him, now more energetic, in the past beside the sofa covered with Ye September and he grabbed the remote control, it is inevitable physical contact, grab grab, two people fell into a ball on the sofa, this physical collision changed the meaning. Shen Weixing held the back of Ye September's head and kissed him lingeringly. Ye September's hand holding the remote control also rested on Shen Weixing's shoulder and lifted his leg to hook him. Just then, Shen Weixing's cell phone rang. "Your cell phone is ringing," said Ye in September. "Never mind." Shen Weixing continued to pick up his T-shirt. "Can't you wear it better?" "It's comfortable to wear like this." Ye September looked sideways at the cell phone on the tea table. "It's still ringing. What if it's urgent?" Why didn't you think I was in a hurry when you answered my phone? The first time I thought it was a fraudulent phone call. Shen Weixing haggled over every ounce with him and could not help kissing him on the mouth. Ye said in September: "I don't know what happened to the number during that time. There were a lot of fraudulent phone calls every day-still ringing, your mobile phone." Shen Weixing was bored to death. He went to get his cell phone with his backhand, intending to hang up and shut it down. He glanced at the caller ID and was stunned for a moment. He hesitated to get up from Ye September, coughed, and went to one side to pick it up: "What's the matter?" Xia Qiu paused for a few seconds before speaking: "Brother Shen?" "Hm?" "Did it go well?" Xia Qiu asked. Shen Weixing frowned: "Yes.". What do you want? Xia Qiu asked in reply, "Can't I find you if I have nothing to do?" Shen Weixing was stunned and did not speak. I'm just kidding. I just asked you if you wanted to have dinner with me on the weekend. It's my dad's birthday. You haven't replied to me, and I just want to call and ask you. Am I bothering you? Xia Qiu said, "You sound a little angry, so I'll hang up." "No." Shen Weixing hurriedly said, "I'll go." "Good." Xia Qiu said, "do you have anything to do now?"? I have a few scenes that I haven't found the feeling, and I want you to teach me. Shen Weixing glanced at Ye September on the sofa and said to Xia Qiu, "Will it be taken tomorrow?" Xia Qiu does not answer ask in reply: "Do you still have a thing?" "Mmm." "It's going to be taken tomorrow." Xia Qiu said briskly, "but since you have something to do,plastic wheelie bins, forget it.". Then I'll hang up. "Don't!" Shen Weixing took another look at Ye in September and said to Xia Qiu, "Come on, which places?" 。


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